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Handmade fabrics 
Foot-treadle floor loom/Jacquard loom

This fabrics were personally designed and made using a foot-treadle floor loom and a Jacquard loom.

 2010-2014, Liceo d'Arte Giovagnoli, Sansepolcro, Italy

Jacquard loom
punch for Jacquard cards
basic foot-treadle made round and floral pattern
basic foot-treadle made triangular pattern
basic foot-treadle made square pattern
singular tread pattern made in foot-treadle loom
spiral pattern in double tread, foot-treadle loom
brocade Jacquard loom made pattern
brocade Jacquard loom made pattern

Shakespeare 400

Final art performance-July 2016
MA Class Accademia di Belle Arti Vannucci-Perugia (Italy)

Art performance inspired by William Shakespeare's 'Macbeth'. In this version the number of the witches was raised up to 9 and the only other character present was Macbeth, the witches costumes are made using calico and jute that had been dyed using tea and coffee, and then stained using bitumen.

Costume Designer/Maker Andrea Pileri 
Costume assistant/breakdown artist Arianna Marafini

Opening act
Opening act
Final act
final costume

Printed dress

'The Flying Dutchman' design project-screen print on cotton

RWCMD 2021 

Senta-Act 3 moodboard
Screen printing frame
final print
dress (detail)
final dress
(model Katie Reid)

Captain's coat

'The Flying Dutchman' design project-breakdown and distressing 

RWCMD 2022

Based on the opera design project, the character is the captain of the ghost crew who is been travelling by sea for over 2000 years. The design for the character is layered with clothes from different time and places around the word, the coat specifically is a navy military coat from the 18th century that has been wore and used for centuries and is been damaged by salty water, military actions and every day use. 

To get the correct look this coat has been dyed, bleached and burned in different spots, the salt and water damaged spot had been recreated using a series of different techniques and materials. 

Design and mood-board
coat design
sun stain
thumbnail_Image (9).jpg
thumbnail_Image (7).jpg
thumbnail_Image (8).jpg
thumbnail_Image (10).jpg
Final result
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